Frozen Lasagne meets Coffee Script

Here is some topical coffee script code. Think of those poor horses.

class FrozenLasagne  
  country: null
  horsePercentage: null
  constructor: (@country='UK') ->
    @horsePercentage = 
      if @country is 'UK'
  inspect: ->
    "I was sold in #{@country} so I am probably #{@horsePercentage}% horse"

console.log new FrozenLasagne  
console.log new FrozenLasagne 'FI'  

This code will blow your mind (and perhaps put you off frozen lasagne) when you run it with coffee:

I was sold in UK so I am probably 100% horse
I was sold in FI so I am probably 90% horse

Wow, wasn't that illuminating?